why write? an incomplete list

when I have my ideas and thoughts out of my head on the page I can examine them and work through them and move forward with them and develop.

then they are out there and ideally they can become a way to have a broader conversation with other people.

the writing can become a tool for other people to use. it’s also a tool for me.

once a piece is done, it’s like being able to complete a thought. 

a sense of completion and accomplishment for an idea, and a way for me to hold on to it as I put it into practice.

a clear way for me to develop an idea or concept as I put it into practice.

a way for me to send it into the world, in hopes that someone else may find it useful.

a way for me to send something to the world as a question, with the idea that I may get a response.

a way to be known.

releasing the burning words from my mouth.

encouraging people to read the things that I believe are better than what I’m saying.

sometimes I want to establish the common ground for conversations I’m having.

sometimes I just want to share my joy in reading or watching something good.

a way occasionally to meet others.

to provoke.

a way to act as the wind carrying the words and work of others.

to counter hegemony.

to introduce people to the work of others or their words.

so people will like me and think I’m smart.

a way to process.

a time to practice freedom.

A young white woman sits at a typewriter in an office in France in the late 1940s. She is pictured from the side, with a desk and another box with a blurry red cross on it a bit blurry in the foreground as she types.
Image from National Archives, identifier 19999025

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