My mission is to use my extensive training in issues of inequality to collaborate with organizations and the general public to find solutions that work for the communities most affected by marginalization.

My primary research is on alternative education projects, horizontal forms of decision making, and the role of solidarity, with a focus on Latin America. I also research the role of gender at work, especially the experiences of trans people.

As a public sociologist, I:

speak at events
run workshops
design community research projects
write and publish broadly
teach classes
work as an activist

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I first walked into Meg’s class with very limited knowledge on gender. At the time, I was still holding on to some of the outdated ideology relating to gender identity. I learned so much more than I assumed I would, but those were the things that I needed to learn subconsciously. It was amazing that Meg created a space that was both comfortable enough to learn and grow while also challenging existing schema. Beyond that, you taught the class with all of your authentic self and that was nothing short of inspiring. Seeing you teaching the class so passionately while refusing to negotiate your identity really helps me with mine, as well as with my progress with the material. To sum it up, I didn’t think it was possible to teach someone the basics on all of the nuances related to gender identity but you did.

Gabriela Vo

Going into my first gender studies class with Meg, I was unsure what to expect, I had always been taught that there were two genders. Although I knew there was much more to gender identity than what is assigned at birth I still had no idea how much I had to learn. Taking any class taught by Meg is always a great learning experience however, the passion they have for sharing their knowledge of gender and gender identity and the effect that identity has on people made me want to know more. They teach interactively, with questions being answered, but also asking questions. Making the student think critically about how gender affects every aspect of a person’s life. Without Meg’s insight and encouragement to aid in understanding, the class and the associated readings would have been meaningless. Gender is more than the binary that most people are taught and accept without question.

Janet Branley