Developmental Editing Services

I am excited to work with you on your academic book, article, or chapter and can team up with you beginning from the first outline of your piece, or I can come in as you work through your reviews. I am an editor with experience working in multiple roles at academic presses, as a freelancer, and as an author getting my own writing published.

I work on academic books, articles, and chapters, and will make concrete suggestions that authors can implement to make their work connect with readers. My focus is on developmental editing, which means working with authors to envision large scale changes to manuscripts in organization and style that make them overall more effective pieces of writing.

Developmental editing goes well beyond grammar and involves changes to the overall structure or even content of a piece of writing. Laura Portwood-Stacer describes the goal as “achieving an argument, narrative arc, and style that will more effectively connect with the author’s target readers.”

My goal is to support you as a writer so that what you really want to say comes out in the strongest way possible. I have become attuned to structural and stylistic elements that it can be hard for writers to notice about their own work. I see myself as a coach to help you get across the finish line, with positive feedback and ideas for changes you can make.

Rates and work flow

$50/hr – Project totals depend on the length of the manuscript. My practice is to make an initial assessment and send an estimate before I start work.

I am happy to read, assess, and comment on more than one draft of a manuscript as authors work, and I usually schedule short meetings as needed to discuss the direction of the revisions and ideas. I’m excited to find the way that works for you to produce your best writing.

Feedback from previous clients

Dr. Krausch provided extremely helpful developmental edits for my co-authored book project in the areas of educational and social movement studies. In our meetings to discuss their substantive written feedback, they took care to ask us questions that required us to draw out, clarify, and hone our ideas and motivations. Their editorial work enabled us to see our work in new ways and to revise our manuscript for greater impact.

– professor of education, Oklahoma

First, the initial meeting is crucial because Meg uses that time to understand my reasoning, and then has supported me in honing my argument without losing my voice and perspective. Meg excels in understanding the other person’s work, in this case, my work. Second, with their ability to speak three languages (English, Spanish, and Japanese), they understand how non-native English speakers construct sentences that might not make sense to an English native speaker. Their genuine interest in making me produce the best work I could is beyond the job itself. Meg’s clarity as an editor also comes up when communicating with me, which is fundamental for both of us to know what to expect and when.

 – sociology professor at a Midwestern liberal arts college

Meg took on this assignment and brought in their perspective as an organizer. They made good recommendations for how and where I could inject excitement back in. I’m not sure I achieved it, but I’m very happy with the direction they pushed me in.

 – postgraduate fellowship applicant, US

As non-native English speakers, both of us were looking for editing work on our book chapter about immigrants in Tijuana to help us solve grammatical errors. More importantly, though, we were very satisfied with the level of detail and overall improvement to the quality of our work.

– cultural studies professor at a Mexican research institute and sociology professor at a Philadelphia liberal arts college


If you have any questions about the pricing or services above, just ask. I am happy to develop an estimate and am committed to working with people and organizations with a range of budgets.