Editing Services

I am excited to work with you on your academic book, article, or chapter and can team up with you beginning with the first outline of your piece, or I can come in as you work through your reviews.

Developmental editing goes well beyond grammar and involves changes to the overall structure or even content of a piece of writing. Laura Portwood-Stacer describes the goal as “achieving an argument, narrative arc, and style that will more effectively connect with the author’s target readers.”

My goal is to support you as a writer so that what you really want to say comes out in the strongest way possible. I have become attuned to structural and stylistic elements that it can be hard for writers to notice about their own work. I see myself as a coach to help you get across the finish line, with positive feedback and ideas for changes you can make.

Rates and work flow:

$50/hr – Project totals depend on the length of the manuscript. My practice is to make an initial assessment and send an estimate before I start work.

I am happy to read, assess, and comment on more than one draft of a manuscript as authors work, with short meetings as needed to discuss the direction of the revisions and ideas. I am excited to find the way that works for you to produce your best writing.


If you have any questions or concerns about the pricing or services above, just ask. I am excited to work with all kinds of groups and individuals, including social movements with limited budgets.