Media Appearances


The Talkies, KPFA, with Kris Welch, Oct 21.


Megan McGarvey and Katie Lindow, Outsourced: The New Wisconsin Idea [documentary film].

Lucas Lynch, The Society Pages, “Clippings: Struggling with Silence in Honduras,” July 3.


Matt McKinney, Star Tribune, “Superior, Wis., residents unsettled a month after refinery explosion and fire,” May 29.

Shelley Nelson, Superior Telegram, “Council hears questions, concerns,” May 4.

Taylor Holt, WDIO10, “Superior City Council hears concerns following Husky fire,” May 1, 10 pm.

Jessie Slater, KBJR6, “Twin Ports residents address lingering concerns to Superior City Council,” May 1, 10 pm.


Jimmy Lovrien, Weekly Observer, “Group ensures prisoners get Christmas mail, too,” Dec 21.

Andrew Kirov, Fox21, “UWS faculty hold teach in: Instructors are protesting the university’s decision to suspend academic programs,” Nov 14, 9 pm.


Bryce Henry, KBJR6, “Twin Ports demonstrators show solidarity with Ferguson,” Aug 3, 12 pm.

Zach Richie, Fox21 “Superior diversity forum: They hoped to find some answers to some very difficult diversity questions,” May 5, 10 pm.

Guest with students/co-researchers in Sociology of Superior, WI, for full hour of “People of Color with Henry Banks,” May 5.

Tom Olsen, Duluth News Tribune, “Duluth Enbridge protesters found guilty of trespassing,” Apr 1.